Back, Chest, & Shoulders Workout – ULTIMATE UPPER BODY | Rebecca Louise



  1. This back, chest and Shoulder workout is great. Different moves, really made me sweat and worked on the core as well. Love Rebecca Louise's encouragement along the routines!

  2. Omg! I had to put it on silent to be able to watch the exercises…. Has anyone told you that a good workout video need non stop – without even taking breath talking? You need to say the BASIC instructions. The rest could pop up written and the more detailed info, in the description below. Gosh what a headache i caught….

  3. I am going to do this work out for 2 weeks and will update the results soon……
    1.35-45mins walking(cardio)
    2.rebecca workout.
    4.i will update soon….
    Like my comment so that I will not forget to update

  4. Good workout but it’s too much for someone who has just started I couldn’t finish felt like I was going to pass out 😩

  5. This is totally awesome , love it so much 😊😊/ I have a question I feel like during the workout, sometimes I feel strongly like my arm bones are not straight , like it gets straight leaning to inside .. / I am not if I am doing it correct ? Prompt response plz , thank you

  6. Question to everybody who did this workout : how fast did you started seeing results and after how much days did you get toned arms

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