At Home Pilates Butt and Thigh Workout – Pilates Workout for Lower Body



  1. YES love it! Thanks! You should host workout classes live on Fittever so we can do them regularly with you 🙂

  2. Thank you for the workout. I've been meaning to workout with you guys for a while. But losing my mother in August took a hit on me emotionally. But also is also my motivation, because she died too young from health issues due to a poor diet. Thanks again.

  3. thank you!! today i was too anxious to go the gym classes i normally go to. this helped me a lot today, and made me feel better about myself.

  4. I was gonna do this workout until I saw the last few moves involving lying on my back, I’m currently 35 weeks pregnant so lying on back for more than 1 min is almost impossible let alone doing exercise. And recommendation on alternative moves? Many thanks!

  5. i love pilates. Thanks for this amazing workout. I'll do this and abs workout everyday; strength training 3 times a week from now on. I'm 65 kg. Let's check the results after 30 days 😀

  6. My muscles aren't really sore after this workout, but I usually don't exercise a lot. Am I doing it wrong? Or would you reccomend trying ankle weights?

  7. I have hip arthrosis and this work-out really helps strengthen the muscles around the joint. Also it is really nice to be reminded that having a limited range of motion doesn’t matter. I love your video’s, thanks for making them!

  8. Hi Kelli all love and regards. This workout in particular works wonder for my hip bursitis. Thank you so much.

  9. No me gusto mucho que use negro en Leggins, me dificulto un poco saber con que pierna estaba trabajando, mi pantalla estaba algo oscura pero en general muy buen video

  10. This one burned, but in a really pleasant way – like I was toning but also stretching out my muscles. Thanks, Kelli!

  11. I love this. My muscles are really tight and this routine will help me to become more flexible! Thank you Kelly ❤

  12. Thank you so much Kelly!!!
    I haven’t been working out enough lately and your free workouts are my quick solutions to the weight gain that I’ve experienced in the last two years! Your gentle informational health and fitness advice inspires me to be a better me!
    I really hope that I am as inspired to continue working out with your videos as I feel right now!

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