At-Home Chest & Back Workout | #25DaysofMFit



  1. I did the miniband and this workout. My muscles are Burning, but I love the feeling. so now it's time for a schort break I'll have a small lunch, then I have to work for my next exams I'm taking and in the the evening I'll do a core-workout.There tons of male-coaches on YouTube, who get an enormous amount of attention. Molly's workouts are tougher and also more fun than most of the "super-dude-drills".Thanks Molly

  2. Hello Molly I want to ask you that do you provide diet tips in your channel or somewhere in your website? Afterall to see Changes in our physique, to get lean muscles diet plays 80% role in it.
    Secondly which video of yours shall I use for glute activation before butt workout, afterall glute activation is so important isn't it?
    On last note, I want to build curves in my body to get that voluptuous hourglass figure so what all things shall I do?

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