Arnold Schwarzenegger 2018 – The speech that broke the internet – Most Inspiring ever



  1. Sorry guys, we had issues with the video. Hopefully the wait wasn't too long.

    Special thanks to Jürgen Höller who is a popular motivational trainer in Germany for bringing Arnold on stage.
    It's only possible for us to hear these amazing words because of the event 'Power Weekend' in Munich organised by the Jürgen Höller academy.
    Please click on this link to get the original speech.

  2. This has motivated me so much. I'm going to lose weight and get fit. I'm already down 10 pounds from 269 to 259 after just 3 weeks. Every time I don't think I can, I watch/listen to this. Thank you Arnold. Truly a legend

  3. I never watch speeches bar a few however this is by far my favourite one, represents who I strive to be and I try to become better in every way possible and this motivates me even harder…

    u failed to corect the spelling of "that" at 9:11 which u did on purpose i think ……..but its ok even I , I failed to correct the word corect at the first too =)

  5. Think like a successful people.
    And I wish you are also going to be successful in your life , creates some change man …tell us our problem and make improve it. All the best for your future thanks ☺☺

  6. I don’t think I would even have the motivation to do any of that

    Also I don’t have that body type

  7. See? Its easy, losers! Maybe a lottery commercial next, Arnold?
    Edit: Easy for me would be to do whatever the hard work for whatever the amount of time if it only would make a difference.

  8. I'll be back in around 2 years when I finish school with good grades, have my dreambody, and forged a knive sharper than anyone in my moms kitchen.

  9. You could at least work 15 minutes a day in that accent. Stop with that junk you are talking nobody is supposed to slave themselves into goals. We are supposed to sleep 32 hours a day. Go and get Sarah Connors and retire already man how much more money u want to squeeze from as with that stupid Terminator old hag

  10. We function better when there's no a safety net. Took me 30 years to discover that by myself. Listen to him, people.

    It's okay to fail. Don't be afraid to fail.

  11. He won Mr Universe. What an amazing honor. It is shameful how people today put down bodybuilding.

    I am thankful that he was my mentor when I was growing up. My success today can be attributed to his persona.

    (airline pilot, day-trader, 500 lb squat, been to 55 countries). Awesome. 😎👍

  12. I'll be sure to employ the power or positive bullshit in the near future.

    Because I know tons of people who gave everything they had to their dedicated craft and ended up with nothing. I appreciate what he's trying to do here but it's not universally good advice. Yeah work your butt off put the work in but sometimes you gotta know when to Hold'em and when to fold them. Hell i used to be a YouTube content creator back in the day. I only ever was happy what are moved away from that.

  13. "Arnold" mean "Ambition, Resolution, Nutrition, Operation, Lotion, and Determination." – Theodore Alexander Vegh, B.S.

  14. After watching this video a year ago I was 500 pounds with no job no future no girlfriend no car no house, fast forward one year later I am now writing from jail I am now 700 pounds I had a stolen car I lived in an abandoned building and I smocked crack. Remember anything is possible

  15. "Life is like a helicopter and to make it you have to get to it, so GET TO THE CHOPPA!!!" -Arnold Schwarzenegger

  16. I've always hated inspirational videos and talks like from Tony Robbins an others, because i always thought that people will always find their way. But this video literally brought me to tears. i'm a new man, with a new goal. Better myself each ohour of the day. Thanks to whoever posted this. Will post back in 1 month to update.

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