Armwrestling Toproll training 2018 (3 exercise variations of Knuckle up training)



  1. Bro when armwrestle my wrist gave up when i tried to extend strong guys…what are the best exercises…???

  2. Hey man can you help me on this? whenever I do heavy wrist curls my left wrist pop and I feel a deep pain. Today it popped so bad it made a noise and I dropped the weight. I noticed when I use barbell and fat grips it doesn't happen. Is it anatomy or some tendon weakness?

  3. I have absolutely learned something new.

    But i have one question , in 5:29 you stated that the towel also adds tension to the elbow flexors… How so ? I understand the grip , but the elbow flexors ? It's getting the same amount of tension whether it's with towel or not , same with fat handles curls , it's putting more tension of the hands and wrists but it should be the same for the elbow flexors right ?

  4. I'm French and in my country there is no video or little videos about Armwestrling, thank you, youre videos are complete. 👍

  5. Nice! For those who have a dog that lkes to play with a rope, take a rope over your knuckle and let the dog pull you, see who has more power hah)), its really entertaining for both.

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