Apple Watch vs Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Review (Best GPS Watch Comparison)



  1. Garmin blows away the apple watch. I've owned the Fenix 3hr for years and recently sold my apple watch. Apple watch is a toy, Garmin is a tool.

  2. Looking for a heart rate monitor band or watch that would actually make a sound to let her know that her heart rate is climbing, and show her how to breath to bring her rate down. Any suggestion?

  3. There is no voice recorder app on the fenix series , i want a watch who can record my important phone calls.

    I you use your phone on loudspeaker you can record with your Apple Watch the phone call

  4. what about swim tracking, especially open water. does the iphone require the user to know the distance of the swim lap?

  5. I liked your video… Very informative …..I recently started running long distances and wanted to buy a watch with tracking….. N Which fabric are you wearing in the vid…Which brand is it.

  6. For the longest time I’ve owned a Garmin Fénix 5x and have absolutely loved it!! I agree, my rugged go to smart watch would definitely be the Garmin….but I finally plunked down on the Apple Series 5 watch, the EKG functionality was too much to pass up, considering I am a 47 year old male with hypertension. I will let you know how it goes but trading in my Garmin for the Apple as my every day smart watch. Still, fishing, hunting, camping, because of the battery life, it will still be my Fénix 5x hands down all day…..thanks for the tips!!

  7. I am looking at picking up a used fenix 5 or fenix 5 plus, what is the biggest difference, is it worth paying almost double for the newer model? I primarily want it for maps.

  8. Can you compare the two new watches ? AW5 and Fenix6 ? And show how watches can be personalized with watch app.

  9. Simple watch. Phone have already fucked up mind … so dont want to mess up mind with these watches

  10. Hey Riz, in you experience with Garmin and iPhone, how is the connection? I have a few friends that have one, and they say half the time it does not work and they have to restart the phone or watch from time to time. They never get the notification, or they come in like 30 mins late.

  11. I 100% greed with your opinion, even I have Garmin Forerunner 30, it has bunch of information through Garmin Connect APP.
    Apple watch is just fancy expensive gadget for normal people who do not use daily workout. My apple watch battery just died every day and even my apple watch 4 Cellular version, if runs Active app, telephone function is not working that just I found it after one year use this….
    If I have more money I will get Garmin Fenix for sure… or Forerunner 235 or less version is more cheaper than Apple watch.

  12. I have the Fenix 5S. Sleep tracking is a mass, for sports it is a great watch. Battery duration is 2 – 4 days, it happens to end up without power without regular check of the status. Maps is a horror, I don’t use it at all even though I do a lot of outdoor sports (running, cycling). The Garmin App is excellent.

    The worst thing with Apple Watch is the missing support of ANT+ sensors. This limits the watch to become a real sports one. Batterie is not an issue, the iPhone has to be charged anyhow every day.

  13. Apple watch and its UI look nice, however…I woods get extremely annoyed by having to charge it everyday. Apple really needs to address their battery issues.

  14. Hey, cool FYI, check your healthcare provider for deals on health products like the Garmin Fenix five.

  15. I chose the Apple Watch because that dirt road you're running on I'd be either riding my dirt bike or driving. Sleep tracking? I don't need a watch to tell me how shitty I feel when I wake up, I pretty much know then and there.

  16. Apple Watch series 3 works great for running and as a smart watch to wear around. Make sure to have a clear thin case which is what I have, and now it’s completely scratch resistant. Pairs great with the phone, and does all I need and want and more.

  17. I bought the Fenix 5x after ditching a 3 hoping for more accurate data. Ended up with a chest strap for pulse because the wrist measures are misleading to say the least, and also ended up with a bike sensor for distance. Again, because GPS is just an aproximate and every time it takes too long to start measuring. Sleep Measure? ha, just the first times, then it stopped recording sleep. It's a gadget. Not a tool. Keep that in mind.

  18. I have a Fenix 5 plus and absolutely love it. The always-on readable display it's great. The brighter the sunshine, the easier it is to see. Head and shoulders above the display on my Fitbit ionic (outside). I use my watch mostly for mountain biking and hiking in the Phoenix area so something that is easily readable in bright Sunshine is a must and this fits the bill. Not to mention it's packed with features.

  19. I have both. So I would recommend the apple watch for Sport beginners. It's easy, very nice to war all day. But if you do Sport much more and Focus on the Training an Training effect, I would recommend the garmin watch. For me as a Sport beginner, I just can get the 30 min Training all day, the apple watch is nice and it motivates me. I think if I will get fitter the next month I will switch more to the garmin. So sometimes I use the garmin watch only for Training and for the Rest say the apple watch.

  20. How many times am I going to e asked if I want to pay for YT Premium … when I keep no ?

  21. Great review but you kind of missed the single most important difference: always-on sunlight readable display on the Garmin vs the richer but jerk activated and difficult to see outdoors display of the Apple.

  22. yo creo que no es una comparación válida, es como comparar una pera y una manzana, el Apple Watch es muy superior como smart Watch y el Garmin es muy superior como reloj deportivo, no se pueden comparar

  23. Regarding the payment services, it should be noted that Garmin Pay doesn't currently support nearly as many banks as Apple Pay, especially outside of the US.

  24. I'm an Iphone user, and my primary outdoor activity is mountain biking.
    I can get a Fenix 5 Plus for $389 (kaiser/choosehealthy discount) whilst an apple watch 4 would cost me $399.

  25. I like the Garmin because it’s round face and battery life. Sports and activities should be enough for me with the Apple Watch. But the battery life and rose gold with metal bands sold me

  26. I’m so upset I didn’t buy the Fenix5s plus while it was on sale at Garmin website for $899. Now it’s $1k+. Do you know any sales going on for the rose gold with rose gold band?

  27. At present I have a Fenix 3 sapphire and I want to get away. from the chest strap HR and have an accurate performance overview ..I was considering the I watch 4 but Is the Fenix5 plus a better choice and can I go without using the heart monitor band?

  28. Awesome review. Thank for the information. When I buy you deserve some benefit for all you do. We bought our last bedding system based on your recommendations. Thanks

  29. I think it goes without saying that if you plan to use for Endurance sports like Ironman, hands down Fenix on battery life alone. With that said, just upgraded to the FR945 from the Fexix 3HR. The weight of the Fenix got to me sometimes (IMO)

  30. Stainless steel Apple Watch is just as durable as the Fenix 5, but will run you over $1000 Cnd. I have a Fenix 5X, but I must say the OLED display of the Apple Watch is sexy. Maybe someday the Fenix watches will get those.

  31. Man, I love the outdoors. I'm more of a garmin kinda guy. I have fenix, garmin auto GPS, gpsmap 64st. I do agree with your review. Fenix has a lot more to offer than the apple watch.

  32. I guess my question is, how do these watches do for people who do more strength training than cardio? I like the idea of the VO2 max on the garmin but will it identify if your resistance training is increasing your aerobic capacity or VO2 max? I guess if you were going to sell a weightlifter on one of these, what would your selling points be? Im leaning apple just because the cool fitness stats on garmin and such are more cardio based and I wouldn't necessarily use that to its full capacity.

  33. I've just moved from the Apple 3 to the Garmin Fenix 5S plus… One of the biggest short comings of the Apple watch was that I could not do interval training with it.

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