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  1. Good actors and actresses…but it deals with life's messes…single working mother raising a son and trying to survive, takes in her brother after 12 years in prison, Eva Longoria is a girlfriend, Tom Arnold is a loser Pizza worker wanting to date Kate Walsh the sister…the kid is hit by a car and dies….it's terrible circumstances all the way thru…but life is messy, chaotic and we do the best we can thru adversity. Worth a watch…makes you feel better about your own life.

  2. Great movie that doesn't just present the usual formula, instead it's surprisingly good. Great cast… lots of wonderful messages in this film.

  3. This film brought out the pain I hold deep inside, I think I needed to see this, I know loss and fear, and pain, mostly loss.

  4. He got the pizza place and made it a huge hit, and the girl goes back after him!!! Thats my ending in my head!!!!

  5. Perfect SATERNALIA propogamda, the cabal, Vatican and Muslims must be proud of the b.s. via Holywood?
    So you All idiots that don't research or still own Free Will critical Thinking, happy XMass

  6. and exceptional portrayal of human nature at it's lowest and how it can be elevated to such a higher degree of morality –
    many special people took part in this blessing and hub and myself are very grateful to have been led here to watch, appreciate
    and rejoice-and even shed a few tears… Thank You All!!!:):)

  7. Really Excellent Movie! Haven't
    Seen Such A Good Movie Like
    This In A While. I Give It, ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐. God Bless. ☮

  8. Great movie and well casted!! Sean Bean is British and he nails the American accent to a tee while Tom Arnold fits his role perfectly. Lastly, Ms Longoria is stunning….as usual.

  9. WOW, this movie was exceptional! It sends a lot of profound messages. I never even heard of Sean Bean, but what a talented actor. Still drying up some tears. I highly recommend this!

  10. No fighter, ex con or not, would keep beating the crap out of somebody once they've been knocked out.
    Corny and contrived movie !!

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