Am i ready for Planche? [Beginner Planche Tutorial]



  1. I wish I found your tutorial before injuring my shoulder by following another "tutorial". Is it possible to reach the planche just by eating normal food or are supplements requiered?

  2. @calimnastic May I ask the hollow body push up is different with psuedo planch push up?

  3. im getting better at this , but i started to have problem on my forearm , it hurst , a line from my wirst straight to my elbow , especially when i do it on parraletes ….

  4. In regards to the correct scapula positioning, are we trying to round our upper back out as much as possible by fully protracting? I find when I try and protract AND depress, my upper back isn’t nearly as rounded and since I have scapula winging, you can see my shoulder blades pop out a little. Is it just protract as much as you can or is it protraction and depression?

  5. best planchette training I have seen so far. keep on delivering and soon you will have the subs you deserve.

  6. I was looking for that very basic stuff. Imo the one arm drill would be more practical in a straddle. I will try and I'll rewatch that video very soon with the others.. cant stop coming back 🙂

  7. I can tuck planche but having a hard time doing advance tuck planche. I'm on 2 months stuck at adv. tuck planche to hold for like 30 sec or less. Current advance tuck planhce is like 3 – 7 seconds. Thanks for this..

  8. Hey calimnastic. I am following this tutorial at the moment. I used to have a tuck planche but wasn't able to hold protraction more than a couple of seconds. I have been injured (un-related) and am starting your tutorial from zero to get stronger basics. I can do step 1 but now i am wondering how much time you would recommend to stay on step 2, 3 etc?  (e.g. step 2 month of strengthening hollowbody. Or step 3 elbow plank 5 x60 seconds as in step 1.) Thank you in advance for your help and the incredible content!!

  9. I think I'm far from being ready to do this routine and think of planche.
    but this awesome content, the deep steps, time invested in this video, makes me realize that you gotta do what you do!
    all I can help by is the subscribe and the like. hopefully you will keep doing what you do.

  10. Nice tip for the protraction and roundness of the upper back: Try to push your CHEST away from the ground, realy trying to create the most amount of length from the chest to the floor, as oppose to pushing your shoulders away from the floor.

  11. Do you spend lots of time doing hollow body rocks and hollow body to superman rolls at all?. Or the Planche leans build a more solid foundation for the hollow body?.

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