Abs Stimulator REVIEW | Does it Really Work?



  1. Thank you for this review. I been thinking about getting one and since it's on sale now, I see no reason not to buy and try it.

  2. Helloo my friend can u show me the progress about your six pack after u use that ab simulator?

  3. Mate you have to loose weight first. I think the equipment is for people who already have abs to give them a more cut look.

  4. Hei i am not fat and i will get it on christmas how long you needed to se your abs. I had a plan to do it every day for 6 months what do you say is there to be any diferences

  5. I lost a lot of weight recently and my stomach is now flat and I’m think of using this while working out everyday.

  6. I love how you are reviewing a fitness device and i can see a huge bottle of coke in the back 🙂 I'm trying one myself right now, feels better than expected

  7. You dont have a six pack because you have extra body fat, i had a six pack when i was like 8 only because i had little to no body fat there. SO you need to loose weight for more results

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