A Shoot, A Swim & John Joseph Returns – PMA!



  1. i had to watch a 'meat ad' on before your wonderful video started. of course i 'skip ad' the horrible meat ad to get to yours.

  2. Those makeup brushes have animal hairs…dewd how about putting that pool to work &teaching us all how to swim.
    You just had a girl put makeup on your face?
    What is your mantra when you swim?inscents p u! Why that smoke? Organic lung? Makeup brushes.

  3. Anyone know which brand and model goggles are those? Is their a difference between pool and ocean goggles?

  4. Really enjoy this content. The Malibu footage was beautiful. I was there this summer from the East Coast with my family for a wedding and the running joke was “Is that Rich Roll?” from my kids! They have listened to a lot of your podcasts on our weekend drives to VT. I was distracted for a sec by the incense-I thought for someone had lit up a cigarette. Phew!

  5. Rich, thanks for everything you do – and for bringing guests like John Joseph on the podcast. Goes to show that being a Vegan/plant based is not some elitist thing reserved for the well-heeled. Respect.

  6. Someone has probably already pointed this out, but you're like the more hipster version of Casey Neistat, Casey 2.0.

  7. I know how horribly farm animals are treated and I am a vegan.  However, I have friends who eat meat (including pork) and they do not listen to me and do not want to see any pictures of animals in a factory farm.  How can I get this message across?  People who are interested like I am can CHOOSE TO WATCH clips by such organization as Mercy for Animals, but people who eat meat aren't going to choose to watch such films.

  8. Thanks so much for keeping your language clean so that I can have my kids watch your vids and podcasts as well. Makes such a HUGE impact when we can spread the good news to children. They are our best and indeed only hope for a brighter future. Xo

  9. great video. i'm a carnivore and I appreciate the work they do to create that transparency. obviously I see nothing wrong with eating meat but I still believe that they should be treated well. the better of a life they have the better it will be for me.

  10. rich you are a fucking rock star. I wish more people on social media would aspire to even half your integrity. And you look damnnnnnn good at 51 boo!! Respect.

  11. Love JJ so much! What do you think about sharks when swimming? Just wondering because I live on CA coast

  12. First, I usually surf right by the pier where you were swimming.
    Second, John Joseph is rad. We played with Cro Mags at Ieper Fest in Belgium a few years ago and he rocked harder than singers less than half his age. He's a super inspiring dood. Glad you had him on your channel.

  13. That ocean footage was gorgeously cinematic—thx for bringing me back to the beaches I grew up on.

  14. Rich, Although I don't know you, I'm excited for you, proud of you, rooting for you. Go Rich 😊.

  15. Rich, you and John Joseph have had a profound impact on my life and in some ways you two, were the catalyst that ignited the life change I experienced about 7 years ago. Rich, you were first, your story affected me in a way that felt truthful, I too was almost 40 and overweight; I became plant based overnight and have never looked back since. John Joseph, your presence in the plant based scene was what solidified, in my mind, that plant based was manly and again truthful. I have also gained a great deal of balance and insight from proactively always striving to have a PMA (Positive Mental Attitude). It isn't always easy to do but, PMA helps tremendously to put things in proper perspective, especially when the unexpected happens.

    I am really looking forward to the full John Joseph RRP, best wishes to all!

  16. Did Mrs. Roll kiss Mr. John Joseph on the lips when she greeted him? Here in Europe, if I kissed a man on the lips, my Italian husband would have a fit, we kiss on the cheeks twice, lips that's a no no.

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