A Dog's Journey



  1. Life is a journey just like Bailey you got to make the best and the fun of it don’t EVER think you aren’t important everyone deserves a chance if your reading this yes I have the same experience as Bailey I have lost and loved 😊😊😊

  2. From the first movie to this one, both movies making me cry and feel happy. God I love these movies, this was a good sequel that made me love the movies more.

  3. Writing this comment down, I have tears in my eyes. Movies like this make me happy, worried and sad all at once, those types of movies are my favorite. So glad I watched this.

  4. Dennis Quaid played in I can only image and this movie was very sad that I got so stressed because of the movie.

  5. lol didn't they almost drown a dog to film a river scene in the first of these movies? Animal "actors" is a weird thing, i don't feel good watching this at all

  6. The role Trent made me love Henry Lau even more 💚 he is not just a musician but a good actor 💛Henry you really did a wonderful job

  7. The trailer alone had me in tears because our new pup is a Beagle and is so damn amazing. Stupid movies making men cry.

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