A Boxing Workout For Beginners … Get into great shape for 2018



  1. Just found this channel today. Subbed and already my favourite fitness channel. You’ve inspired this 49 year old to get in the best shape of his life before hitting 50 next year. Thank you Mike. Please keep the videos coming.

  2. Good guy Fisk! Im gonna practice this, great video loved it and along with your other videos. Subbed!

  3. Thank you for the great video Mike and I think including Fisk in this video is awesome! What an incredible and inspirational display of fighter mentality and attitude!

  4. Hey Mike,
    Awesome video! I ave followed your channel for a while now, and is now ready to start boxing training (at home) tomorrow. Really looking forward to try out this routine.
    Looking forward to new videos.

  5. These videos are great Mike! I've followed your boxing workout videos for a while. Very informative and the funnest workouts I've ever done. Thanks for the videos and happy New year!

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