8 Minute Abs with Kat ♥ Ballet Body Workout for a Slim Waistline, Beginners Fitness Exercises



  1. Leg warmers is another of my triggers. So that, strawberries, eggs, anything round, hair, jackets, shoes, bread, teeth…

  2. The cat eating her hair had me dying. Hahah. She’s so cute. My dog gets in the way every time I try to work out too. Fn pets

  3. You're so lovely and this is a good workout but… I mean… why do you need to dress like that for your video…? I genuinely wonder.

  4. Came for the workouts and stay for the workouts, a beautiful lady and a cute kitty ❤

  5. how come she doesnt get a proper tan. she looks sloppy. Ive seen prettier girls in the trailer park

  6. Ok the song in the background is.. maybe Depeche mode – enjoy the silence.. or something like it.

  7. The cat is like what’s that on your head spaghettis?
    The cat: oh wait that’s her hair never mind I’ll just leave the room

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