8 Min Full Body Beginner Workout



  1. A girl can’t workout without pervs saying some pervert shit. No wonder there are so many feminists these days

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  3. Too much saliva in the comment section. Hope u know how to swim 😉

  4. Doing planks wrong. You need to do cat and cow before you can do planks correctly. She's not engaging her core because she's sticking her ass up instead. Great ass but wrong exercise to be doing that.

  5. That plank form is fucking horrible dude. That is NOT how u plank. U r putting so much pressure on ur lower back…. where did u learn this bs?

  6. FIX YOUR APP CRASHING MID WORKOUT. 5 emails sent to support email. No response

  7. Maybe we look like so different from each other but when we see a girl doing exercise especially a beatiful girl. We are same my brothers we are same no matter what nationality, what colour bla bla 🙂

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