7'7" Robert Bobroczky's FULL WORKOUT! LaMelo's Teammate Talks Diet & Calls Kristaps Porzingis SHORT!



  1. He needs to eat a bunch of carbs first.. no workouts until a few months. Shape his body. Then put on muscle.. then look out.

  2. I'm 6'8… I wouldn't want to be any taller, it gets almost impossible to build a lot of muscle when your taller than 7 foot.

  3. I am 6'9 myself . And i can say its taught to move . We are not like small people we need more to put a work on the body

  4. Wtf bro, this guy has to eat 6 meals a day to be actually healthy, it’s horrible like that

  5. Por amor de Dios, denle unas hamburguesas y unos esteroides, por un momento pude ver a través de el.😒😒😒😄😄😄😅😅😅😅

  6. alot of protein and calorie intake to make his joints and bones strong. he needs take off from basketball and get into weight training heavy thats going change his body IQ. he needs eat 3x times more then a average person

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