7 Ways to Stay Motivated on Your Diet (2018 KETO-101 Cruise)



  1. My husband refuses to go Keto so I’m doing it by myself. I already feel better less ache and pains and have lost 12 lbs. he’s dying of heart disease but I truly believe he is a victim of his poor diet. His choice. I choose life.

  2. KenDBerryMD We weigh ourselves daily, because our scale also measures body fat %, and that’s one of the metrics we are really focused on, at least in our household anyways! 🙂

  3. Dr. Berry-if you have answered this before, please direct me to your video link: I have read that if you are doing keto and you are still not seeing results, then you are not hitting your macros. You mentioned just add more fat. I have cookbooks that have the macros worked out but do I really need to be strict on this?

  4. I really appreciate Doctor Berry and think his information about the diet and health is right on target. However, human beings have not been evolving for millions of years we are a creation of God above I'm did not evolve from primates. In addition, our DNA is being destroyed and torn apart by chemicals and 5G microwaves. The Earth is flat, we all local.

  5. I definitely agree with you about the boneless skinless chicken, blah. boring, dry, you're still hungry because they're too lean

  6. My doc seen my first set of labs after starting keto and by the time my I went in he and his family were on keto and he was having keto flu….lol

  7. I want to know why all the comments about Jimmy Moore are being removed. He is not a healthy representative for keto at all, and he should not be apart of these lectures.

  8. Dr Ken has a video of top 7 veg you can eat on a keto. Yet he's just said he hardly eats veg. Confused…..

  9. Sorry Dr Ken. But the Scriptures are super clear in stating that the earth is a sphere. Believing the Judeo/Christian Bible was NEVER the source of the “flat earth” wrong thinking. Otherwise,enjoy the talk.

  10. He weighed 300 pounds. Well could someone direct me to his before photo where he weighed 300 pounds?

  11. I have been at this for 7 months. Haven’t weighed yet. But I have gone from a tight 14 to size 8.

  12. that Rogan Kresser Kahn video was hard to watch. Kahn mopped the floor with himself. Kresser did not have to, and even Rogan let him hang himself. yikes. Thank you for pointing it out. Go keto for the win!

  13. We are the keto community! New convert first month on this diet I ate starches every minute of the day so they are right about after the first month the bread and starches and sugars go away. Thanks so much for the motivation

  14. I just wanted to say that I love what you are doing and what you stand for. I've been doing keto about 5 or 6 months now and lost 25 lbs. I have about ten more pounds to go but I've also seen many health benefits as well. I used to have sinus infections every 3 or 4 months and I haven't had one since I started! I have to remind myself to eat now when before I would have low blood sugar problems if I didn't eat often enough. This way of eating is awesome and I plan to stay with it forever. Thank you for the great info you share. 😉

  15. My 17 year old daughter has started keto after seeing my successes, scale and non-scale. Yesterday her pediatrician told me, after a very good check up, that she doesn't think my daughter should be on this fad diet, she should be eating healthy. She just smiled and nodded when I told her how healthy my daughter is eating. Maybe it's time to look for a new doc for her.

  16. Damn Dr. Berry you are buff!!! Never noticed how much in your sit down videos. Thanks for sharing the knowledge! You're awesome ox

  17. So good to hear Doctors speaking out positively about Keto. I love listening to Dr. Berry and hope to see more and more doctors getting on the Keto train.

  18. Atkins died of a heart attack at 72. This doctor will die of s heart attack too. So will you if you listen to him.

  19. Look at how fat these people are, and the doctor looks like he’s packing the pounds back on.

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