7 Steps to Permanent Weight Loss for Life!



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  2. It would have been much better if I found this “Yamzoko Weebly” (Google it) a few years back. I dropped 12 lbs in three weeks up to now. Obviously I exercise several times a week, and also eat well. The effect presented to me is astounding. I certainly advise the product, wish it works as excellent for you mainly because it does for me. .

  3. The main thing Tobe success in starting loosing weight is motivation.
    Thank you, Joanna

  4. I'm really curious how fit people deal with food like cakes, donuts or pizza, etc? Do you really have to cut them out completely forever in the new life style after weight loss? Or can we still have some in moderation from time to time? If so, do you then put in extra workout to counter that, say, cake, you had earlier that day? Thanks!

  5. If you are vegetarian how do you divide the proportions? As example if you eat rice and lentils, rice are carbs, lentils are protein but they have carbs too.. would it be good even so?

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