7 Minute Triceps Workout (JUST DUMBBELLS!!)



  1. I have seen a lot of movies here, one of the best out there, no doubt of that. In addition to that I would like to have something else, I would like an app on my phone, starting with some basic training program (workouts, rounds, timer …etc), something that can help anyone to get to that decent shape (e.g. 10 push ups, 10 pull ups …etc) to be able to further move to a more professional training program. I think everyone will get something out of it …

  2. Was at the hospital yesterday because of strong pain in my shoulder. Diagnose (posterior bankart lesion) YAY!

    Long pause with all of your workouts 🙁

  3. Any chance you could use both the old fashioned Imperial and Metric (on the screen perhaps)? It would really help international viewers cause, mate, there's shit loads of us that love watching your videos but don't get Imperial. Keep up the great work.

  4. I really need help and i have had this issue my entire life… i’m always that kid that was scared to get into sports because i was a super slow runner, i also constantly ditch my gym class because i’m embarresed of how i run. My form is terrible, i struggle with bringing my legs up to my chest and driving with it. For the past 2 years i have been working out constantly and my bodies changed dramatically, i’m fairly lean and i’m 150 lbs. yet i can not run a mile in less then 15 minutes. I need a professional to help me, i believe i’m one of the only people in the world with this issue and its been this way my entire life. If anyones interested in seeing footage of me running please let me know in the comments below. Its strange because i can easily squat 225 no problem but when it comes to running and athletic movements i suck…. i’m always the last one in gym class and i hate living like this everyone sees me as an outsider i get bullied a lot and i am so dedicated to fixig this issue i have been trying so many things and nothing is working please somebody help me .. i’ve seen physical therapists and doctors, my body is healthy and everything is normal but when it comes to my hips and running it seems un normal..

  5. Jeff I’m hoping you read this but I need some advice. I’m a large advocate for fitness specifically the athlean x 90 program, it’s done great things for myself and my body. My girlfriend has started has wanted to start getting into working out so she works out with me. My question is when it comes to weight lifts, is there an essential difference between men’s and women’s lifting work out? Is she able to do your program with me exactly? I am aware you have a women’s specific program but we are both in college and on program is all either can afford. I want to take her with me on my journey but I don’t want something to go wrong.

  6. Hey Jeff, as I'm getting older now in my 50 stage of life I find my tendons seem to get pissed off way easier now, I can say I stretch all the time, I eat well and am very active but man next morning after the gym my forearms, bi's, tri's, pecks and shoulders seem prone to prolonged aches and tenderness. I've been working out for 15 years and this has just been creeping up more and more as I age….thoughts?

  7. Hi Jeff, I just wanted to say THANK you for all these useful videos that you post weekly and they are WAY MORE HELPFUL than you might think. I THANK YOU again

    Also try calligraphy if you can just for a change in life. ?

  8. Legend has it if you step in jeffs gym you instantly get shredded(EXCLUDE JESSE)???

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