1. Today is my fifth day and I don't see any difference in my arms , not even little !! My arms look exactly like the before , I'm 120lbs (5ft) . Should I complete the whole week?

  2. Day 1: my arms got pretty sore towards the end, and I feel my heart racing! I’m excited to see my results in 7 days!!?

  3. Thank you Lucy for this routine. It is like a total workout. I used to do tennis, pilates, and dance but after giving birth, I stopped everything. I feel I become tired very easily. Still I need to keep myself moving. Reducing excess fat here and there esp arms and thighs. Thus today is my Day 1. Hopefully I can finish the 7-day challenge πŸ˜€

    Day 1: completed the routine.
    Day 2: 60 minute zumba + completed the routine.
    Day 3: completed the routine.
    Day 4: skip, flu striked me.
    Day 5: Walk around 1 km, did 1/2 routine.
    Day 6: Walk around 1 km, skipped routine.
    Day 7: completed the routine.

    My thought: I enjoyed the routine and plan to keep doing it even though I have finished the challenge. Why? Because it's easy to apply. I have not measured my arms but I think my arms have gone more sculpted. Thank you Lucy!

  4. since i’m doing the lag, belly,pear and ab workout..i’m doing this while sitting…

  5. Ok.. i might be late for this.. but i really do have flabby thick arms.. so am going to try this out for a week and be consistent about it. My upper arm measures 13inches. Give me a like to follow me or to motivate me

  6. thank you so much Lucy for sharing great workouts. really appreciate it a lot thank u so much

  7. New to ur channel and new subscriber i have inspired by u Lucy xx thanks im doing one of the 7 day challenge ???

  8. started today. Damn this workout looks so easy but in reality it's hell tough and fat burning. Will continue to do. thank you for bringing such amazing workouts ❀❀❀

  9. Been doing this for two weeks (14 days in a row) and don't see any difference with arm fat. Pity πŸ™ Had big expectations for this one… Will be looking for something else.

  10. Results: I just finished my 7 days challenge and my arms do feel toned. I don't think the size is very different though (yeah, I'm eating clean and doing the push ups). Unfortunately I didn't measure them before started, so I can point out numbers yet. But I'll be doing the challenge for another week (and already measured myself), so I'll edit this comment with the numbers and new results.

    So, I finished the challenge for the second time and the size isn't very different, I think it went down 1cm or so. But I still like how my arms look, more toned.

  11. Today I started doing my exercise, measure of my arm circumference now is 21,7cm and my weight is 46,5kg. I'll do this exercise for 7 days.

  12. Hi guys, I did this challenge plus the belly and legs during 7 days and OMG it shows results! I hope I mesure myself before starting but the most visible differences are the legs and the belly. I'm more toned and defined! I think I've lost like 2 cm on the waist, my belly is more flat and like 1,5 cm around the legs. For the arms, I've seen less differences but my sister said they are more defined and have more tonus. Plus, you gonna feel so good and better! Please do It and you will see, good luck ! πŸ™‚

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