6'9" ft Tall Bodybuilder Ike Catcher: Chest & Shoulder Workout



  1. Unclean towards the end of the set? Dude your first rep and last rep both sucked on lateral flies. I wondered why your side delts lag. Problem solved!

  2. Is It me or he sounded like he turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger for a few seconds 5:25

  3. Why he lift his ass when he benches, guys this big and can’t even workout properly

  4. Jeez I mean he has a great body but he literally has no clue what he’s talking about

  5. dude his form of doing barbell press is so off, u could definitely arch ur back when going heavy but lifting ur butt off the bench,hmmmi dunno about that

  6. when bench pressing dont lift your back, its cheatin and bad for your hole body. Im 6’5 and its really not that hard to keep it down

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