6 Home Remedies for Hair Loss | Dr. Josh Axe



  1. I followed this exactly. I ended up with greasy looking hair, smelled like a hippie and my breath was like a Pakistani cab driver's. And no. I'm not joking.

  2. Just to check: so resolving hormonal issues aswell can actually help reverse hair loss via the methods shown? Thanks in advance

  3. I can’t remember when I started following you as it’s been a long time! It’s great to watch someone evolve into greatness with so much passion and amazing information! Love what you do! Thank you. I will begin the process of growing back my hair with your recommendations!

  4. I realized I literally don't breathe when I'm stressed or anxious. After periods of this "not breathing," I notice my hair loss accelerates. I've been doing deep breathing excercises and my hair loss has stopped. If anyone is like me and holds their breath or takes shallow breaths when they're stressed, remember to BREATHE!

  5. They said that rice water also helps
    But then I saw this chemist saying that rice water is not good specially for your skin because it contains arsenic. Is that truth??

  6. Hi…….I started taking now ashwagandha and now Adam multivitamin……….its causing constipation……what to do…..plz help.
    ….shall I stop taking it…

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