5 Minute Morning Yoga Flow for Beginners



  1. I’ve been practicing with this video since I was 10 weeks postpartum & now my little girl is 4 months old💕 this is the perfect flow for anyone short on time & needing a body stretch 👏🏻 thank you so much!! 😊

  2. I've been doing this routine for 3 months now and it's AMAZING! This routine makes me happy and relieved in the morning. I 'm more energized and flexible. I just LOVE it!

  3. It’s 6am and I just tried this two minutes ago because a friend told me it works well with waking you up, and I can definitely feel a difference!! Now I think I’m going to do yoga every morning! I don’t know how I didn’t do this until now!

  4. I find sitting on my feet like you do at the end is a little intense, what is a good way to modify that seated position?

  5. I happened upon your video whilst looking for beginners yoga. You have an incredibly relaxing voice. Thank you.

  6. Hi there. Love this video! Is this safe for pregnant women? I’d love to continue practicing it if it is. Please let me know!

  7. The best exercises that exist is to make love two to three times a day for an hour and a half or more, For 4 oh 5 times a week, Eat well and sleep well and before doing exercises, there then a half hour to stretch, before doing 🏋

  8. Girl this is sooo amazing, it's been one week now and I feel great after each time! Do you have more videos of different poses/positions?

  9. I want to adopt a yoga practice but does 5 minute stretching offer any major benefit? Or is this done in addition to longer more intense practice?

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