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  1. do you guys that are doing this work out see results fairly quick? Also how many times a day do you do it? I’m looking for a good ab work out for beginners at home to tighten my abs and get rid of the muffin top

  2. Ive started this and am doing it every day ,following week 6 mins every day and so on ,as its achievable to me and il keep it up!Loving being on the PLAN and still hate burpees, but can't love everything! Thanks Joe for these.

  3. I do this routine and another 5 minute routine every day and it's definitely working! However it never seems to get any easier.

  4. Thanks for the short ab workouts. I have been doing them a few times a week for a couple of weeks and it is really is improving core stability.

  5. Started doing this routine…. Talk about cruelty πŸ™‚ Definitely feels like it's doing what I want, and in a timely manner. Thanks

  6. Love this one!! No excuses to not fit in a 5 minute abs workout after a HIIT πŸ‘

  7. Ab training always creates interest, no doubt about it Joe! I am sure many have done this little workout and felt the burn. It is a shame that 4 out of the 5 exercises were still focused on spinal flexion and hip flexion – only the plank variation added in contracted resistance against gravity and spinal extension with some rotational work as well. The abdominal wall does flex the spine, but it does so much more than that. It is linked integrally to the other abdominal layers by the central connective tissue, therefore is is involved in lateral flexion (side bending), extension (backwards bending) and rotation of the spine as well. In fact there is no movement of the spine that the abdominals do not help to control when in a functional, standing position. Abs work should include the following; supine lying work, isometric holding positions, unstable work, and most importantly standing movement oriented work for the core muscles. Be great to see you pull together a short workout that includes all these key elements. Thanks for what you are doing to better the fitness levels around the globe.

  8. your so funny… your making me feel tired as you groan and your the expert… did feel it thoughπŸ˜‚

  9. Anything that can work quickly? I need to build upper body strength, core and stamina for a fitness test to get into paramedic science in Uni.

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