5 KILLER Chest Exercises With NO BENCH (GRUUUUESOME!!)



  1. Your push up example was lame. your lower back was dipping and the upper back was rising too much.

  2. all a person need to do standing is the press like would do on a bench that wha I do do it straight out and then put The arms up and do it that way to work the upper

  3. Thanks so much bro . . . Just a lil add on frm me . . . In floor flys just add a lil bit of wrist twisting action at the point when we bring both the dumbells together. Cheers !

  4. When I do the second exercise i feel nothing in my chest but my abs just tense really hard, any tips on how I can change this?

  5. Thought I was about to watch a video of Hulk breastfeeding from that thumbnail.

  6. Excellent. I needed this video. I have a partially torn rotator cuff and bench press and pec flys hurt my shoulder. I’ll use a couple of these. Thanks

  7. To all commenting on his face.. fuckit with all the negativity, it says more about you than him. Dude is working out hard. Check out Arnold Schwarzenegger face when he was in his prime working out. Fuck all wrong with the dudes face. Get over it.

  8. I clicked on this video, started to do the workouts……

    And ended up watching beasty games and eating food…

  9. This guy has a great body , especially chest and conveys what he has to say really well. Quite why anybody would mention his facial expression is absurd – guess what , when you really concentrate on your workout you're not worrying about how your face looks – what do you want a blank face ..? a smile? it's a f******g workout !!

  10. Thanks so much. So many chest exercises need a bench, and I don't have one. Very effective too!

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