5 Diet Tips for Skinny Guys (BULK UP FAST!)



  1. Do I have to start saying bro? Or can i still speak like a person with a GED and some college?

  2. 00:30 Number 1 -Weight yourself ONCE PER WEEK
    01:45 Number 2 – THE 1 AND 2 RULE, eat 1-2hrs before and after workout
    03:00 Number 3 – Focus on calories
    05:27 Number 4 – Key Supplements
    06:52 Number 5 – Keep It Simple

  3. The App mypal says that I should be eating 2600 calories a day but I can easily eat more. Should I stick to these 2600 calories or should I eat more than that if I can?

  4. You remind me of what Macaulay Culkin used to look like. This video was like watching Home Alone for the first time again. Kept waiting for someone to break in and to see your boobie traps in action…

  5. I am trying to gain weight, but am still in the early stages. a lot of trainers and fitness enthusiasts recommend eating nuts and snacking on nuts and I understand why, the only problem is I'm allergic to all nuts except coconut because its not a nut its a fruit (I have started cooking with coconut oil) I am also allergic to fish (which I am aware is another good source for weight gain) fml. 

    Can anybody recommend another food or snack besides nuts or fish that I can eat that will help me gain weight?

    Thank you!

  6. I'm a 120 lbs 5'10 15 yr old (very skinny) any tips? cuz no matter how little or much i eat, my weight stays the same. literally

  7. Uh my problem is when I eat alot of healthy food and protein. I dont get buff but My body uses it to get longer.. And if its not true tell me what it is.

  8. I’m a protein shake guy. The only problem with protein is that it gets expensive buying underwear all the time because I shit my pants so much.

  9. pre workout coke for full energy for training and post workout a blunt to eat a lot and your muscles relax…works best for me

  10. I need to eat 3000 calories a day to bulk but the problem is I dont have enough money to eat 3000 calories a day

  11. Don't forget to go do a number 2 before the weekly weigh in. I once weighed myself before and after and I lost 3 and a half pounds instantly lol

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