45 Minute Total Body Yoga Workout | Fightmaster Yoga Videos



  1. I'm not sure how I managed to skip over this class for so long…this morning was my first time practicing it, but it's already become a favourite! Thanks 🌞🙏🏼

  2. You are once again the BEST part of my day!!! Thank you Lesley!!! Not sure how would I feel without you 🙏🏻❤️

  3. Hello ! , I love your yoga very much. Can you design a yoga class that good for an active individual that has so many knees injuries? . I had an ACL and meniscus surgeries 3 years ago from Zumba dance. It was supposed to last at least 10 years…but with my active lifestyle, I ruined my knee sooner than expected. . I was recommended a PT that will help strengthening my quad , IT bands, and glute. Pilates was highly recommended, but I rather do yoga . I found most yoga videos too easy and not effective. Please help. Thank you very much.

  4. Hello Leslie, I have been following your yoga for a while now. Unfortunately, since last six months I have developed osteoarthritis in my knees so I am scared to many postures. It would be wonderful if you could do a few sessions for people with sensitive or troubled knees. Thanks so much for your wonderful videos. Namaste from an Indian currently living in Kuwait. 🙂

  5. I keep coming back to this session. It's so great! And, I am extra proud of myself today – I have done my first (almost full) wheel pose! 😀 Thank you Lesley!

  6. thanks its very relax and a boost of my energy and positivity. ;like your soothing voice too thanks so much

  7. This is one of my favorite sessions with you. Love the slower pace and timely directions; love it! Thanks, Lesley!

  8. Loved this session! I needed a reminder that perfection shouldn’t be the goal in life and that it’s okay to mess up🥰

  9. I loved this strengthening class. Practised it at 3am Christmas morning. My gift to myself
    Thank you 🙏 🧘‍♂️

  10. Thank you Leslie!! This might be one of my favourite flows by you yet! 💖Namaste, Tori xxx

  11. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I want to know is yoga enough to get fit body or something more to know about starting yoga

  12. I wasn't expecting such a slow flow to be considered a workout, but I feel so much less stressed nonetheless. Thank you.

  13. Great practice. Love the pace, and poses and as always Lesley's uplifting positive energy and quotes.

  14. I love slow classes because I feel I have time to go inwards. 🙂 Also, thank you for such wonderful locations!

  15. i am grateful for the tasks my sister gave me to do yesterday. I am grateful that my father and step-mother let me use their car to go to a job interview. I am grateful that my father and step-mother entrusted me with the care of their home and dogs. I wish for honest, 2-way, confidential communication and am glad that I am able to be that, at times, for others when they allow me to do so. Thank you.

  16. This was wonderful Lesley, thank you! I'd love a class that helps with APT and hip flexor lengthening! <3

  17. Hello Lesley! Today is my rest day and just did this routine at 5am! I'm still working on my leg flexibility and the single leg balancing moves and poses were challenging! Whole body feels so good! Love this routine so much! Thank you so much always! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

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