40 Min Power Yoga Pilates Workout with Sean Vigue Fitness



  1. Fabulous Sean. Ham strings are still super tight but Scottish weather is a struggle. You ever tried to do pilates in a swamp under a castle? 😂

  2. Doing your workouts here in Hull, MA! Started your videos about 6 months ago. They’re great! Totally moved by the intro about your dad. The first year sucks. Keep talking to him.. he’s with you! I still talk to my dad all the time, 19 yrs later ❤️🙏

  3. I’m really sorry for your loss, Sean. I’m happy that you’re able to cope and talk openly about your father though. Sounds to me like he was an incredible person. I hope all else is well!

  4. Wow, thank you for talking about your dad. So beautiful and moving. Addie seemed to be in an unusually contemplative mood there.

  5. Sean, I started using your videos about one and a half years ago. I'm 44 years old, and my body has never looked better. I'm particularly impressed with my arm definition. Everyone thinks I've lost weight. Some, but I just tell them I do Pilates and yoga with your videos.
    I work at a desk job and experienced severe pain in my shoulders and upper back. As a direct result of working out with you that pain is almost gone 100% of the time. It comes back when I get complacent and miss a few too many sessions. I hail from Butler, WI. Thank you for all of your videos. God Bless you.

  6. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt story. It makes this practice even more special.

  7. Any suggestions for a sore neck after doing yoga? 😥 Love doing your workouts though! Fun to find out you worked for Disney too. I worked there 2006-2010.

  8. Thanks for telling us about your dad! I all ready think of him Everytime I do the saw (seriously!) This episode was an extra special surprise ❤️ honored to be honoring him with you! Been doing your power yoga at random everyday this week in preparation for a film premire this weekend and my bird of paradise is flying higher than ever!!!! You're an amazing coach thanks for all that you do for me

  9. Thank you for sharing your story. We just lost my mother in law and I very much understand what you are and were feeling.

  10. Sean, Thank you for doing so much for the world. I'm in much better shape because of YOU! Your a amazing man that shares your love in many ways. It's beautiful.

  11. Hey Sean, thank you for all of your great workouts. Philly here. Father passed away back in 2013. Just know that the values you've learned from him sure live on and you can carry that with you wherever you go, and use what you've been taught to make an impact in the world.

  12. Love you ❤️thanks for sharing:) your dad will always be with you 🙂 people that we love never leave us, they came in this life journey with you. Bless you and bless your dad, I also lost my dad not to long ago, but he is also blessed and in my heart❤️

  13. There’s no words that can make you heal away the pain of your fathers death but I hope wherever he is he is in a better place although that’s the last thing you want to hear but he’ll forever be w you and the little impact he also had in us in your videos . Thank you for sharing this w us and for continuing w your life and making videos for us ❤️

  14. So sorry for your loss, but glad you can pay tribute to your father's memory through your wonderful workouts. Loving and appreciating all your videos here in Gifu City, Japan. よろしくお願いします!

  15. I'm so sorry about your dad, Sean. My father passed away when I was six. I didn't get to know him very well. I always liked your little quips to him off camera and he would mutter "that's right son…" And I do that one workout so much I know it's from some movie called "Packin' It In" because you mention it mid-rep every time I watch it.

  16. I know your dad was with you as you shared loving memories about him! He's always with you! This song always reminds me of my dad too!

  17. thanks for sharing Sean sad but no other way around it …a fear that day…lets train budy …stop me from balling my eyes out 🙂

  18. Beautiful tribute Sean. Gee you look a lot like him! Strength to you and the family. Workout was awesome btw!

  19. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your father. I loved seeing clips of him at the end of this vid, and in others. And thank you for sharing this personal, deep experience with us. Sending you healing prayers.

  20. Thank you for the morning workout! I am a CO native (Fort Collins) stationed in South Korea right now, loving the glimpses of home and your fantastic routines

  21. Thanks for sharing Sean, your Dad seems like he was a wonderful guy, I'm really enjoying working out with you over here in New Zealand

  22. Thank you so much Sean for all of these workouts. I'm recovering from a meniscus tear and subsequent arthroscopy and I'm finding your power yoga workouts to be exactly what I need to regain my strength and flexibility. I really appreciate your genuinely positive but still down to earth attitude towards exercise and yoga. And as a German I also enjoy the occasional bits of German thrown in there – weiter so! Cheers from Germany. Chris

  23. I used this for my rest day workout. So perfect!!! Thanks Sean! Loving your workouts 🙂 It's lovely to hear you speak about your dad. I lost mine several years ago, too. The older I get, the more like him I become.

  24. Those were some honest beautiful words Sean. You and your dad had a beautiful relationship… Treasure it and keep him alive in ur thoughts. Keep positive and live life to the full… He d want that for u 🙂

  25. Long time subscriber, first time commenting. Thanks for all the videos. I live in India, find your style of yoga very refreshing and your attitude towards it is lovely. All the best!

  26. This was a fantastic workout to start my Monday morning with. Thank you for sharing something so deep and personal at the beginning. You bring a lot of joy to my daily routine through your humor and message of kindness and compassionate self-care. I have no doubt that you brought an incredible amount of joy to your father's life for those 42 wonderful years he had with you. You certainly have done a great job of honoring him.
    Thank you for all the great videos you provide, and all the peson(ality) you bring to the world with them!

    Oh! Forgot to mention- your videos have been a lifesaver for me through these cold, snowy months in Boston! Thanks again!

  27. Hey Sean! I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the opening to this video! I lost my father when I was 26 in a very similar way. He had pancreatic cancer. His fight lasted about 6 months and had it's ups and downs. In the last week or so I too would call him and my mother would hold the phone to his ear. He couldn't speak, but he would make sounds when he heard my voice. Even though we lived apart, I was very close to him like you were with your father. He was my hero! It's been almost 12 years now and sometimes it feels like it was 12 days ago when we last talked. Other times it feels like an eternity. By the way…I TOTALLY didn't get choked up watching you get choked up talking about him! Nope, not at all! 😉

    I wanted to thank you for your videos! I've always been into fitness/weight lifting, but have had problems with injuries. I'm 38 and have already had surgery on both shoulders. I have always been EXTREMELY tight and inflexible! I was unable to do most positions, even in your beginner videos. But after a few short weeks I am more flexible than I have ever been as an adult. I plan on continuing with your videos as they help me with my day to day activities. My go-to vid is the best damn stretches in the universe.

    If you ever find yourself in the mountains of northwestern Pennsylvania, look me up for a place to stay! I own Hide-A-Way Cottages. It's a rental cottage business in the Cook Forest area. I'll give you the "Looking Forward To Seeing Our Hero Again", deal! 😉

  28. Coach vigue. Your father may have left you and your family to some other realm. But he is within you always and your own actions in this life will make you understand that in a more profound manner. We are more like our parents than we can ever imagine and in time we will get to know how much. God bless you my good sir.

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