4 SUMMER HABITS to lose weight FAST



  1. Thanks for letting me work with you! I hope this video helps people reach their weight loss goals for the summer 🙂

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  3. " Just 100 grams" of almonds?? One almond is equal to nearly one gram. No one sits there and downs 100 almonds on a regular day, so yeah it's going to equal a ton of calories. Be realistic.

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  5. This was actually a really good and practical video. I agree with the suggestions. 👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️
    Keep track of what you eat and calories
    Commit to a workout routine
    Make it sustainable for the long-term
    Monitor your progress and success
    And watch additional calories consumed at special events.

  6. Don't forget muscle mass is heavier than bpdy fat, so initially you will drop and then regain some weight before you continue losing weight

  7. I was in 10th grade always being fattest in my class and had tried every diet out there. Then started working out lots cardio stop drinking sodas , went from 355pounds to 220 in about 9 months. Key thing is lots of cardio

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