30-Minute Stepping Strength Total Body Workout with Dumbbells no Floor Work, Walking Circuit Workout



  1. I just love your workouts these are always safe and you really know what you're doing Happy Birthday to Theresa. I turned 60 a few months ago.

  2. i just found this gem after watching your latest fusion workout. This workout will be great for my active Baby Boomers class. Thank you so much! Great workout.

  3. I just did the 30 minute stepping strength after recovering from hip replacement surgery. I wasn't able to complete the entire video workout but I know I will eventually. This is the first Jessica workout I've tried and I'm very happy with this workout! I can see how this is going to be very helpful in regaining my strength and balance! Thank you Jessica!

  4. Whew I am sweating. Still trying to do the January Jump Start. I was sick again early last week so I'm only on Day 7 for January and here we are almost done the month, but at least I am doing it and I can feel my body getting stronger and feeling a little better. It all counts!

  5. Day 1 of Week 2 of the January 2019 Challenge completed!!! Love this workout!!! After doing this workout only 2 months ago, I have improved quite a bit! I was able to do the whole workout with my 5# and 8# weights! The tricep kickbacks I had to drop to one side at a time for the last few reps. But the rest I was able to do all the way through. I feel like I'm getting back up to my old strength and stamina finally! Thanks Jessica and Peanut!

  6. January Jump Start Challenge Week 2 Day 1 DONE! I really didn't want to work out today, but I'm glad I did (that seems to be my comment every day). I liked the integration of step moves with coordinated weight movements. Challenging, but not defeating!

  7. Wow! This was a fabulous workout! At one point, I thought that my 4 lb. weights were a little light, and that I should have gone for the 5 lbs., but–by the end of the workout–I was satisfied that I had picked the right weights. For the heavy weights, I used 10 lbs, which also turned out to be the right choice. My fat was sobbing uncontrollably by the cool down, which is exactly what I needed. One of the best parts of the January Jump-Start Challenge is that I'm discovering YouTube videos that I've never used before and might never have found on my own. Thanks, Jessica, for another great workout!

  8. Good start to week 2. I almost didn't get it in, but got myself up to do it after dinner. So glad i did. I'd done this one sometime during the month of december. It was good to see how much more fit i feel doing it again, already. Thanks

  9. Oh dear, that was rough for me, even with just 3 and 5 lb weights! Just goes to show how much I need to do it! Got my sweat on and am feeling accomplished now. Thanks, Jessica (and Peanut).

  10. THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! This was sooo great for me! I'm recovering from big toe surgery and it was perfect! Please, more low impact videos~ Thanks so much! Carolann

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