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  1. Hi Yogi! 💙 This 30 minute Yoga for Flexibility practice is a well-rounded full body yoga stretch and flow with sun salutations, hip openers, & twists. Modifications built in for all-levels. 🔥 5 MIN QUICK ABS: http://bit.ly/5minABS

  2. I really, really enjoyed this. It was the perfect way to follow up my 30 minute outdoor walk, so now I just got in a full practice before going off to work. Perfect level of intensity and an overall great stretch. Thank you very much!

  3. I tried another YouTube yoga video at my sister’s recommendation and got about two minutes in before I came running back to Sarah Beth! You’re just the best. I’m sorry I ever doubted😉

  4. I'm 16 and I just started doing yoga…. And I started with your 15 minute yoga routine…. The feeling si felt after were inexplicably amazing and calming…. This routine is a step higher…. And I love the sensation after doing it…. Thank you so much for uploading these videos for giving the world to experience this amazing form of relaxation and exercise ❤

  5. In the middle of my first marathon training and doing this on a non running day was MONEY!

  6. Really sad I couldn't make it to the gym today since I was feeling tired. This video helped me feel great and provide a few challenging stretches and strength moves. Thank you!

  7. I remember when this sequence was so hard, now I barely break a sweat. Thank you for the best yoga videos on YouTube

  8. 😢 I have a broken humerus and weak bones I can't do that it's painful and hard

  9. This was amazing. I feel great! Thank you. I love how it's beginner friendly, but modifications are built in if you want to go a step further!

  10. This is awesome thank you. I'm finally able to keep up with you. Out of all videos on yoga yours are my favorite. 👍👍

  11. I did this workout this morning and I felt amazing after! It helped a lot with my soreness in the morning.

  12. Thanks. The 30 minute workout. With you really gives me the stretch I need. The only thing is finding this workout when I turn on you tube.

  13. Did this workout this morning. It felt really good. Love the filming of these. Very clean looking and sounding. Also thank you for jumping right into it without all the fluff people like to do in their videos👍🏻👍🏻

  14. I'll be the first to admit that I'm very unfit, and I usually can't even get through a video (by anybody) without feeling like I'm going to pass out with how hard I'm breathing, but somehow I managed to get through (almost) this entire video, and I was relaxed enough that I almost fell asleep at the end lol

  15. This practice was perfect. I had a yogie itch that could only be satisfied with some yoga!😊 you are a amazing teacher Sarah Beth never stop.

  16. Thanks Sarah Beth that was great. Been working my way thru your vids as a beginner, this was defo my favourite so far. Thank you and namaste.

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