30 Minute Full Body Dumbbell Burner Workout for Strength & Cardio



  1. My Favorite workout so far Amy! I am older and have been working out a long time. Very creative and great workout packed into 30 minutes. Thank you!

  2. Another amazing workout! Just read the last posts and feel the same! Have followed you for over 3 years and still going stronger and stronger! You are an inspiration! Thanksss

  3. Can't thank you enough Amy! As someone who is most definitely a couch potato and exercise avoider I can't thank you enough for these work outs! I love them! I actually look forward to exercising! I have a long way to go but these work outs are fab! I am sleeping better already and feel generally more energetic and fit in my day to day life! Thank you 😍

  4. Is it ok if I do various work out daily/add rope jump 1000 as cardio
    Should I strict to same program for 6-8 week. I am doing intermittent fasting for weight loss
    My goal is to weight loss from 65 kg to 55 kg
    I am 54 year old

  5. Started doing your work out today and from a total novice…. Absolutely great!! Gonna try and do it 3 times a week. Thank you for creating and sharing xx

  6. You're amazing, Amy! I'm saving $80/month doing your videos instead of going to Kickboxing. Thank you.

  7. I love your combos and have used them for some new class formats we've added for the fit adult at our fitness center. As an instructor, I'm always looking ways to create variety in the moves and combos and have been able to integrate so much of your work. Can't thank you enough.

  8. I have now lost 3 stone doing these workouts and eating clean, and I feel like a new person. I never got similar results from the gym – I guess I didn't really know what to do for it to be effective, but these vids are the business.

  9. WOW – recently discovered your workouts and I LOVE them – sweaty mess right now x

  10. How many calories does it burnnnnn πŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈπŸ‹οΈβ€β™‚οΈ

  11. First time today trying the workout. It was amazing, I was dripping sweat but wasn't tired at all. My body feels great. My muscles are awake. I'ma do this everyday for 30 days #MyChallenge

  12. Just found your channel last week and I'm glad I did. I've done three of your workouts so far…Amazing!!! Keep the workouts coming.

  13. Hey Amy! I loved it! I'm just wondering – for the one legged lifts we did on the floor and the dumbbell raises, I feel like we may have skipped the left side??? I'll go back and check. I ended up just pausing the video and doing the left side in case it was just me but wanted to make a note of it. Thanks so much!

  14. Super generous to upload these workouts for free for everyone to benefit from – I have gotten results from these workouts that I never got from my expensive gym membership – its like having my own personal trainer – thank you so much Amy….I appreciate you <3

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