30 min Spring Equinox Blossoming Yoga Flow



  1. The Spring Equinox is right around the corner! 🌸Celebrate the return of Spring with this full body flow for renewal and action! ✨ PS – The New Moon is Saturday which means we're starting a brand new theme in Lunar Yoga! Click here to join us for this new cycle of transformation 🌙 https://www.lunaryoga.tv/

  2. This is such a great practice to welcome Spring! My intention is to honor myself within this new season of change and welcome inner growth and wise whispers. Happy Spring to you dear friend! Xx

  3. Hi Kassandra, spring here in India, while as lovely as any spring anywhere, means going from a very pleasant and mild winter to a crazy hot and lethargy inducing summer! Will you post something for cooling down as well? Dreading the mercury shooting up in the next few weeks. Love from India and thanks!

  4. I want to continue exploring my womanhood and I have been able to do so with the free yoga classes you offer here on YouTube. Thank you

  5. Loved this, thank you! My intention for the season is for balance. Considering the amount of energy picking up in all directions and facets of my life, I need to remain balanced. My inner needs and my outer life. Namaste.

  6. I want to thank you, Kassandra, for such a wonderful practice. I could not, for the life of me figure out why my body (and mind) felt so stiff and unwilling throughout the winter months. This gave me a new life and has made me hopeful for my aims in the coming months.
    Love <3

  7. Loved this practice! Thank you for the clear instruction and creative flow. Much peace and love to you! <3

  8. My intention is to be sober and proactive. I work in the entertainment industry and yoga has helped my life immensely, but in seasons of busyness I can wane into old habits that are not productive for my life or wellbeing. I'm chanting for renewed vigour in my discipline to join you on the mat everyday and the strength to be wiser about choices that effect my body. xxx namaste from New Zealand..it's always Spring somewhere, right? 😉 xxx

  9. Hi Kassandra,
    Thanks for this lovely Spring Equinox practice, even though we are almost into summer now! It was very appropriate for me today, as I have truly been "blossoming" lately into the person I truly am, and arranging my life to reflect that. This practice was just so perfect for me!

  10. I LOVE this series!! (the winter solstice practice and this one). I hope to see another one for the summer solstice. Thanks for this beautiful and invigorating flow. 🙂

  11. I have been sporadically doing your videos for a few months now and I just wanted to say thank you. I have found exactly what I needed in each video and your energy is a perfect complement to the practice. Your channel is a much needed gift. Namaste.

  12. Hello Kassandra, I am brand new to Yoga and found your Spring Equinox practice this morning. Had to rewind and replay a few times but I made to the end and am so much better for it. Can't wait until morning for another practice. Hope I'm not too old to start yoga at 65. You are such an inspiration to a grandma. Thank you.

  13. Thank you, great class to wake up a tight body. And the setting intention at the beginning is very powerful, too.

  14. This is my first day on the 30 day yoga practice. I really enjoy your practices and this one was wonderful. Thank you Kassandra my goal for this month is to find peace with in myself.

  15. Thanks Kassandra. Has to be one of my favourite classes. Perfect mix of everything at the right intensity. Twists, back bends, balance, inversion. Loved it.

  16. This was a wonderfully timely and invigorating flow to do, especially after seeing some blooming cherry blossoms in Washington D.C yesterday! Thank you for taking the time to share this practice with us! I cannot express how much my budding intention of optimism for my future self and renewal in relational aspects of my life are key right now.

  17. second time I follow this video, this time with the April challenge. I LOVED it the first time and it is what decided me to follow the challenge. This time has been even BETTER. My intention for this month is to connect with my energy as slowly I progress through the fog Fibromyalgia created in me, reaching back one day the core/source of energy into myself. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations. <3

  18. Loved the theme and flow of this one, thank you! Held the quad stretch for longer and had quite the release (both physical and emotional).
    Intention: Keep moving forward, create and share it.

  19. Merci du fond du coeur Kassandra.Je suis triste en ce moment,bloquée dans un évènement passé.Cette scéance m'a donné
    envie d'aller de l'avant,vers la lumière.J'ai fini avec un sourire,apaisée et optimiste.Namaste

  20. This was a WONDERFUL flow! Thank you for making be feel more alive, energized, and balanced😊🌷☂️

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