3 Simple Butt Lift Butt Toning Exercises for Women Over 40



  1. Ok your butt is amazing but you really need to share how you toned up your arms also. Please.

  2. Unfortunately, most of the exercises are not for people with any knee issues/injuries; they are probably unsuitable for the majority of ladies "on the wrong side" of fifty too because of the pressure on the kneecaps. They might be adapted, somehow, I guess.

  3. I love these exercises because they isolate your glutes and don’t require any equipment so you can do them anywhere even while traveling. I also cannot stand the idea of building large thighs so I do not do a lot of squats and other exercises that target the thighs.

  4. Thanks for sharing your go-to home workouts for the booty! 🙌🏼 Plz Keep posting videos like this – would love to see ones for abs, arms, etc.!

  5. Luv these oldies by goodies floor moves! I just noticed your little JJ logo up on your screen bottom right corner. Very nice!!! : )

  6. You’re such an inspiration Jenifer, thanks so much for sharing your tips. You make middle age look easy girl.

  7. Why do you not have the jelly belly when your bent over? Is it the pants holding it in or are you just super fit?

  8. Not only do you have an amazing body you seem super kind as well. What is your weekly exercise routine ? Have you always worked out? Thanks for the video it has inspired me to get off my butt😘

  9. Thank you! I can actually do these. Sooo much better than lunges or squats. My rear is my trouble spot so I will definitely put these in my exercise routine and see how they work for me. Love your outfit!

  10. You look amazing girl! Thanks so much for the exercise tips! I actually do several of these too. But I don't think I look half as good as you.

  11. Awesome! 🤩 My Sunday workout is usually a light jog/run while catching up on my fav podcasts BUT I’m adding these as a finisher. TY! ☘️

  12. Thanks for this video. I have been looking for exercises to lift my behind, but everyhtung is now aimed towards getting it bigger. And I don't want that ☺️

  13. Jen this was brilliant👏🏻 I'm actually recovering from a hip replacement an I've been kinda lazy with my exercises🙄 But Tenerife in June so really need to get a grip👏🏻😂 Thank you😋 An anymore exercises you would like to share PLEASE DO🙋 xx

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