3 Days Water Fasting Weight Loss – My SHOCKING Results!



  1. How often do i have to drink water through out the day? Last time i water fasted i lost 1 POUND in 2 days? Am I doing something wrong

  2. And then they say that you're not allowed to exercise while water fasting.

    This video prove them wrong. Thank you!

  3. When carlo wears shirts he looks like the Good guy type but when he removes his shirt., all I can say is marry me haha. 😜❤️☺️

  4. Lol not weird at all! I had dreams about Mexican Street corn the first night in my water fast. Currently finishing up my 48hr water fast which will be done in an hour. I’m not hungry just yet. This 48hrs was the first time I fasted with/without food intentionally. I also lost 6lbs. 🙂 my goal is to lose a total 9 more pounds by doing a 16:8. Any pointers?

  5. Hi tell can i do this water fasting diet i am breast cancer survivor taking of my tablet daily ???wana reduce 15 kgs ?? Waiting urs reply

  6. For all those experimenting with prolonged fasting, please watch Cole Robinson and his Snake Diet. Down there please check video, what should you drink while fasting. That elixir is called Snake Juice. I highly recommend it 👍 Pink Himalayan Salt is only one of few ingredients( electrolytes) which should be investigated during the fast.😁☝️

  7. It’s my third day and I was going to go two days more; however, there is a barbecue party tomorrow 😂
    What should I do? 😂

  8. I would have killed everyone around me and eaten them by the middle of day 2.
    Excluding furbabes. 👍🏻

  9. Thanx for the info bud I start mine next week so that helps a lot,👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.

  10. Fasting is dope homie, I went from being Almost obese to lean asf after 3 weeks of pure water fasting. On top of that there’s other benefits, definitely a psychological game.

  11. Great tip on the salt intake. I wouldn't have thought of just taking salt straight up like a psychopath, but it completely makes sense

  12. Yet another great video brotha. I think i love food too much but gonna have to give this a try soon!

  13. Great work! One other tried and true method for losing the last pound before weigh-in that works for me is getting a haircut!

  14. Carlo is the man! All his videos are honestly the best! He is changing lives, including mine.

  15. I've known this guy from a while back, a few years ago he shared the intermittent fasting idea and its done wonders when I started more than a year ago consistently(16-8 interval), wish I started earlier. The water fast is new to me but worth a try! Keep doing what you do bro!

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