3 Day Water Fast | A How To Guide



  1. OOPS! Did you catch it? ?Sometime you just get in front of the camera and things come out wrong. You are all right, I did mean 72 hours. Cheers to fasting! ?

  2. The secret is ADD SALT – ELECTROLYTES ( pink salt and NoSalt (potassium chloride) )to ALKALINE water and you will be able to fast LONG time – guaranteed! It’s called the Snake Diet. I did it for 40 days last summer and I still do it for at least 3 days weekly – it feels amazing and it keeps you young. No, I am not Cole Robinson but I am a huge fan!

  3. By gods grace I have done 1st day of water fast and my only question is just that what should be the quantity of drinking water during fast because my friend told me to drink water only when you feel thirsty?is it right or I think we should drink a lot of water as much as we can consume?pls asap answer this.

  4. I have been doing IF for several weeks feeling great! So I started a few days ago a 61 hours fasting, I wanted to do a complete 3 days fasting, but the morning of the last fasting day, I felt so bad and so tired, that I rather listened to my body and ate something. I don’t know why my body reacted like that, but nevertheless I do believe in fasting and IF benefits, but you need to listen to your body too. Also, although they say that you feel more energized I never felt like that, unlike when I do Intermittent fasting. It was weird, if anyone have any comments I would appreciate it!

  5. Hi doctor.. had a question since years but never got a chance .but I’ll ask u now , can I drink apple cider during water fast

  6. People have done way longest fasts then 3 Days so this shouldn’t be to much of a problem for most people. I did a 12 Day fast no problem & it helped me out in so many ways aha.

  7. Hey Dr. Zyrowski I'm a commercial truck driver, I drive about 500 to 645 miles per day. I have sea salt and can get distilled water (arrowhead) at my fuel locations. I'm used to only eating one a day, Would you recommend me water fasting for 3 to 21 day?

  8. Is there a video where you explain how to get into ketosis?? I want to start a 3 day water fasting… but I want to make sure I follow your advises.

  9. I cheated last night. I ate a pear and half of a pork steak. I'm going on my 2nd day. I was starving last night. I'm starving right now, but I'll try not to eat,lol

  10. Sir my brain dosent work on 3rd day.. I am very fat person.. I am 267pounds..
    I need more carbohydrates.. What can i do?

  11. Thanks for the guidance Im on my third day, And im not hungry, belly full of water, lol. But I feel so happy, My sense of humor has improved. lol Also my mind is clear, I feel like I can do anything, I put my mind to…

  12. My biggest problem is I always need to be doing something. This is going to teach me to just relax and enjoy God only.

  13. Friday and Saturday are my busy days at work. I'm doing Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm off on those days so it works for me. Great info!

  14. instead of bone broth could i have vegatbal soup for probiotics va can i drink teh yakult at stores

  15. is this type of fasting still ok to do if you are slightly underweight , I am just under the recommended BMI for my height and weight

  16. Is it a bad idea to fast if you’re a skinny person? I want to do this but I do not have a layer of fat on me. I eat well but have a very fast metabolism.

  17. Everyone is different there's no one way to fast. I have fasted many times simply quitting food and ingesting strictly water without any kind of pre-fast preparation. Always a doctor somewhere telling us we're not capable of doing health promoting without a Dr's supervision. Frankly I find that to be very insulting. Dr.'s would be better respected if they stopped supporting the greed of big pharma and actually cure people instead of "maintaining diseases.

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