2018 Muscle Mayhem Pro – Top 15 Results



  1. Why are people saying brendo it was classic physique he looked tiny compared to the rest… 3rd or 2nd should have won wtf are the judges judging 1st look terribe should have got 5th imo

  2. I don't understand why these bodybuilders have high lats the body doesn't resemble the V shape , it looks more like Y shape

  3. Não venham ficar com exageros, pois os que ficaram nas posições a frente do Rafael Brandão são bem superiores a ele, e os que ficaram um pouco abaixo perderam por detalhes, existem muitos competidores que são muito melhores que o Rafael Brandão..

  4. Could not tell 3rd to 1st physiques apart. They were all the same. Blocky with no symmetry. And the Brazilian who looks like a god once again loses. How long is this bullshit going to go on for.

  5. I can’t see Charles mid section akim or Rafael first place Charles 4 and max 3rd

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