1. you guys are amazing. y'all should check out dr berg on YouTube for keto. he definitely has a lot of knowledge on what's going on with our insulin resistance/ pcos folk. I started back on keto last Monday. I definitely lose a lot of water weight so far. he also explains how fruit can slow down our weight loss. ttyl!

  2. I absolutely love you guys and your energy. Your video came up in my recommended videos based on my likes today and I'm so glad it did. I do a natural weight loss Vlog myself. And I just love your energy. Good job on the weight loss and you should be very proud of yourself. I look forward to seeing your updates

  3. Girls you are looking great! You can definitely tell the difference. Very happy and proud of you two. Keep it up and continue the positivity ❤️❤️

  4. Omg, why I am I just seeing y’all video? But yes I am happy that you ladies are sticking with it and congrats on the weight loss?????? I Ready For The Challenge. I can’t wait to see what February is going to bring.

  5. I am a new sub . I love you two, yall give me life!! And motivation! Congrats on the weight loss!! I just started my weight loss journey so I'm 4 days in and I will be participating for Fit Feb!! Keep up the videos and your weight loss! Oh and Ebony we are around the same weight I'm 253.

  6. Congratulations ladies on the weight loss ?? I’m ready for fit February ?? let’s get it in!!

  7. Awesomeeeee y’all!! I’m so inspired ????????? I’ve heard a ton of positivity around the Keto diet! Keep up the fabulous work !! We got this!!

  8. Congrats babies 15 pounds is so amazing…. and yaayyy 10 pounds is also amazing ….y'all look so cute I have thought about keto but I fully don't understand it (I'm slow) Good job babies y'all are rocking it

  9. Congrats ladies!! Love watching your videos. Motivates me to get back
    To running . It’s 4 yrs since my running injury.. thanks again. Feels like I’m doing this with you

  10. Congrats on your successful month. Thank you for being a great source of motivation, wishing you all the best moving forward! 🙂

  11. Love watching the both of you! You are laser focused and I also love that!! Nothing is going to stop you! Anything the enemy does to try to stop you will fail in the name of Jesus <3 You girls ROCK!!!!!!!

  12. You two are just so lovely to watch. And bless that Halle Berry post because one of the major reasons I decided to do a low carb/keto-esque diet was because I have diabetes on both sides of my family. Congrats on the lost you two! ❤️❤️

  13. Ive gained back 22 pounds since my last weight loss attempt just in December but this motivated me to get back on track

  14. Congrats on the weightloss my soul sisters… I have officially lost 16 pounds so far this month. I'm sooooo happy and proud of you guys. I noticed once my mind was made up to get this done it was no stopping me. Fit February is ours. ???

    P.s I got the package today and about to open it. I'll email you guy right after❤❤❤❤

  15. Well done beautiful ladies on your weight loss so far. Onwards and upwards for the month ahead. xxx

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