20 Minute Yoga Flow Vinyasa Class (intermediate) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos



  1. I have been practicing Fightmaster Yoga for years, but still don't understand the intermediate step to scissor pose. I don't have shoulder mobility issues, but also don't know how to attempt parts of the pose in stages. What would you recommend?

  2. Lesley, I did it!! Practicing yoga for 2 years now and finally I could somewhat do the peak pose!! I found that practicing 20min a day is just perfect for me. I found my balance thanks to YOU! I love how I feel after your video's. Lots of love, Anja from Austria 💕💫

  3. I love how freely you got into this scissors pose… I couldn't do that if my life depended on it. But I love that it's in the class, because when you did it I chuckled to myself about how many question marks popped up in my head: How did she do that? How did it happen? What?
    Love your classes, although I sometimes take days, weeks or one time even months off, I have kept coming back for two years now. Love from Germany.

  4. Feeling relaxed and full of warmth after this practice + beginers day 19 …gratitude from the bottom of my heart Lesley

  5. So glad I got up early this morning to practice this 🙂 So worth it for my sleepy crusty zombie self I was an hour and a half ago 😛 Now I am smiling and ready for the day! Thank you to all the yoga community and to you Lesley! Today is a wonderful day.

  6. My day ended on a bad note today and I told myself I needed to get a short yoga practice in today to feel better. This totally did the job and turned it around. I almost got the pose on one side. Thanks for sharing you talents with all of us!

  7. after an accidental week off, my motivation was poor but this was a lovely way to wake my body up again. thanks!

  8. Can we please get a weight loss power vinyasa program? I think people will not only benefit from the physical practice but more importantly the mental, emotional and spiritual aspect as well. I love power vinyasa as it exercises the body really well allowing for the mind to meditate better….at least that;s how it works for me

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