20 Minute Spinning Workout (FAT BURNING CYCLE TRAINING!!)



  1. Great video .. loved it πŸ’• do some more plz.. hey can anyone tell me how much calories will burn in this kind of workout??

  2. Love your videos! Tried other classes but yours works best for me. Thank u! More of simar vids pls! 😘

  3. I am so happy to have found this. I moved to a country town where there are no spin classes and I really miss it. I'd love to see some more. Thank you.

  4. I love these videos!! I was in a slump with cardio and decided to try this video out and I love it!!

  5. I LOVE your spin workouts! As a mom at home this is super helpful! THANK YOU! This is so this is so easy on my knees my hips and my feet after a few athletic injuries. Thank you so much!

  6. You've got your physiology wrong. Quads hamstrings and glutes push/pull down thru and back. Your hip flexors will be the primary muscles pulling the knee back up, and they are relatively small muscles, so you don't want to overwork them by telling people to pull up a lot because they will tire easily. Mainly use the flexors to lighten or eliminate the rising pedal side so your downward side is not fighting itself (the body).

  7. Decent workout. Technique is a bit off and her timer is NOT accurate. Just FYI. I had to pause a few times to finish the push.

  8. Thanks for the great workout! Perfect for my weight training off day and one I will add to my library. πŸ’ͺ🏻😁

  9. i started using your spin workouts recently and i really love them, they kick my ass and i want to die by the end of the 20 minutes(which goes by faster than i thought it would), but i love them lol. thanks for all your hard work putting together these workouts. <3

  10. Love love love this spin workout! Great guide and great tips for when I do on my own. Keep them coming, please! Thank you!

  11. O gosh I feeling the pain I could only make 1749 mins my ass is paining . Excellent work out maybe by next week I will good all the way

  12. great workout! i workout on your 2 other 20 min spin sessions but this one makes me sweat more, much more!

  13. I enjoy your spin videos. I’ve been alternating all 4 videos and have noticed a big difference in my leg muscles and coordination. Thank you for creating them!

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