20 Minute Lower Body Blast Workout to Strengthen and Sculpt Legs and Butt



  1. Loved this legs and butt workout, Amy! I'm on activity modification for the next 4-6 weeks (healing pronator/suponator muscles in L forearm), so I'll have to divert from the workout calendar and focus on legs, butt and abs-all my main trouble areas anyway! Can't wait to get down and funky with more of your legs/butt/abs specific workouts 🙂 Thanks, Amy! XO-S

  2. WOW!  Thought this was going to be one of your 'easier' workouts….uhhhh, totally burning!!  My legs are going to thank me/hate me for all of this work and all of me totally thanks you, Amy!!  You are AWESOME!!  XO-S

  3. Yay I just did this video! I like that it was short but I definitely feel like I did some work 👍🏻. I haven’t done anything for exercise in a couple of months. Feeling like I accomplished something by doing this. I might go get dumbbells to add intensity. Very accessible video. Thanks

  4. Holy cow, just finished this outside in my backyard and I was worried my legs had turned to noodles!!

  5. Congratulations 🎉. I just started watching your videos few weeks ago. Haven’t actually done the workouts though 🤭. I want to start soon. I like that your videos are short.

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