20 Minute Low Impact Cardio Workout – No Jumping Low Impact Cardio Exercises at Home – No Equipment



  1. I have been making use of this vertical jump plan “Jumοnοz Azb” (G0OGLE it) for 5 days and I have already acquired about 4-5 inches. This program was really remarkable. This is the finest vertical jump program I`ve ever done and I have attempted them all. .

  2. I love these full body workouts. I'm working my arms, my legs and my core! As I'm getting older I see that it's so important to keep range of motion. Another great workout!

  3. What a kind HIIT workout – I am dealing with some back issues and can't do any of my normal activities but still wanted a way to get my heart rate up. Thank you!

  4. OMG my heart beating so fast . i enjoyed and didn't feel the time it went so quick thank you ❤

  5. quality of life is my heart body inspiration my saying right planing listening after exercising of replying or something my inspiration of easy-going more more ok thank you one thing i do smoking tabacco wish must try to quiet

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