20 minute Full Body Yoga Flow Intermediate Vinyasa Yoga Routine | Sarah Beth Yoga



  1. Messed up my audio at 5:50 🙈
    Hi yogi! 🙏🏽 This 20 minute Full Body Yoga Flow is an intermediate vinyasa yoga flow that'll MOVE your body. This total body yoga flow has modifications built in for all levels 💙 Get the HIPS SLOW STRETCH: http://bit.ly/25minHIPS

  2. WOW! :-O LOVE THIS @SarahBethYoga!!!! But I'm BEAT! BEAT! BEAT!!……Phew!!! 🙂 Thank you……..

  3. Literally awesome. So helpful and good to do, might seem a bit tricky at first but after a couple of goes you really get into it!

  4. I love your videos and use them regularly to exercise and destress. Used to do a lot videos from another channel but not challenging enough and too much talking. These are perfect. Thanks.

  5. I've been following your lead for a week now and I'm impressed with the progress I'm already making. Especially with Dancer pose. My lack of balance has kept me from being able to hold very long, but my body is already being trained to hold that pose without falling over. The flow isn't nearly as complicated as it was 6 days ago! Thank you!

  6. Yes I found the one the I need for the beginning off yoga thank you love it 😊 so much and I love the splits and Child pose 🙂 most my favorite

  7. Thank you very much! This is the best flow I've ever followed in YT. Bless you! Namaste!

  8. i love your style and instruction. very easy to follow, and still very powerful! I'm so excited to try more of your videos! thank you and keep up the good work!

  9. I have said it before and I will say it again I love this! Keep the intermediate options coming! ❤️👌🏼

  10. wow, really impressed with the clarity of this class. really easy to follow from laptop as clear instructions and also great flow with a little bit of challenge. Thanks!

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