20 Minute First Trimester Prenatal Cardio Workout– Also Good For Any Trimester of Pregnancy



  1. I've been following your workouts since before becoming pregnant and now being almost 7 weeks, nauseous and exhausted 24/7 I find your videos are the best to follow for pregnancy workouts. Your voice and music don't make me wanna puke which is helpful. Thanks for putting this out for we preggo's who still want to keep an active lifestyle!

  2. Hi,I enjoyed this workout very much and also how supportive you are along the video.I will continue do your prenatal videos.A big Thank you!

  3. As a previously barely fit woman, since getting pregnant I haven’t done anything I’ve been feeling so exhausted! Finally starting to feel a bit better (7weeks) and want to get back to my usual self, I loved this workout will do this several times a week I’m sure! Thanks

  4. thank you so much i really enjoyed it a lot… Can i repeat this everyday in my first trimester ?

  5. Thank you for this wonderful video! I had stopped gym almost 1 month ago once i found out am pregnant with my first. I had been having a lot of dizziness and nauseous that caused me to always want to be on the bed. My body had been yearning for exercises and to just sweat it out but was not encouraged by the fitness centre and gynae, and was only asked to go back to them come the 3rd month! I was devastated not knowing what kind of cardio that is save for the pregnancy. I am 9 weeks today, and I am smiling away exercising today with your video and I sweat! Thank you again!

  6. Is it okay to lift your hands over your head while your pregnant I heard it makes the umbilical cord choke the baby ?

  7. Thank you for posting these! I loved following along with your previous prenatal workouts during my first pregnancy. I'm so excited that you've added more that I can do now that I'm pregnant with our second!

  8. This workout is exactly what I needed to get moving and not be miserable. I have felt awful lately and it really made me feel better. Going to keep doing it throughout my pregnancy!

  9. Hello! I have a question: can I do the easy variation of each exercise if I have not practiced sports regularly before? I just tried it and it worked quite well! I am 12 weeks now.. Ps thanks for uploading the video!! And congrats on the baby! :3

  10. thank you so much! I´m so tired every day and have to puke every time ._. but you gave me the perfect workout to feel better ! thanks !

  11. I’m 5 weeks and very overweight and I’m scared I’m going to gain even more weight. So I’m trying to eat a little more healthier than I usually do and follow some exercise moves. These are super easy and good paste for me. Thank you so much!

  12. Hi thanks for the video am trying to follow could you suggest something for body cramps and pain in different areas. Such as shoulders hip and knees pain.

  13. So excited to do this one! I'm only nine weeks along but I'm so glad I've found your prenatal cardio! Congratulations on your darling girl!

  14. I love your suggestions for different intensities and your constant talk, makes it easier. Thanks a lot! ❤️

  15. Hey Amy, I am following all your prenatal workouts and I absolutely love them! you are helping so many of us, thank you thank you thank you !!!!!!

  16. So thankful for your workouts! I'm 36 weeks pregnant and was already enjoying your workouts from a couple years back, but have loved following along as you have added more with your current pregnancy. 🙂

  17. Love this! I'm 36w, and mixed this with some light weights before. It was a perfect mix! I've been following your videos since the beginning. THANK YOU for all the options!

  18. I'm currently 15 weeks and i do this workout every second day 🙂 I really feel like it's straightening my body and helps me keep the healthy weight! This weekend i'm planning to buy some weights and do some others of yours workouts. Thank you for sharing this!

  19. Great video. What time is best to do exercise? at morning i wake up super hungry and after breakfast i am too full to do exercise. can you suggest breakfast option after which i can exercise or any other time is better?

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