20 Minute Complete Full Body Workout (REAL TIME)



  1. Always watered down/aerobic like workouts for women. we don't need more of this on the market, i can legit find workouts like this everywhere for free. Joined this channel hoping it'd be about women being strong, instead you're just peddaling the jazzercise like workouts for women who think cardio and eating in a huge deficit is fitness. Looking at your body, I highly doubt this is what you typically did to get in shape

    Please look at women like:

    Whitney Simmons
    Hunter Chilton
    Erin Stern

  2. Nice workout, but you REALLY need to wear a bra with a bit more padding at the front. The headlights were just beaming.

  3. Soooo pleased you ladies on Athlean are now doing real time workouts,much more motivating working out with you.
    Love your channel ♥️

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