20 Minute Beginners Yoga (For Weight Loss) | Fightmaster Yoga Videos



  1. I just started today doing yoga for the first time.i started with your beginner morning yoga and then did this one. I'm going to try and do both each morning. Thank you

  2. Wonderful afternoon practice combined with two other beginner videos from you during my summer holidays. So nice to go back to the beginner classes every once in a while! Thank you Lesley and Duke!

  3. Thank you for this practice beautiful totally kept my mind from wandering. Your amazing and awesome Leslie ❤️🙏🏾

  4. Wonderful practice, Thanks. Could you please amp up the volume a little bit. The sound becomes very distant at times

  5. Somehow I missed this one…kinda happy 🙂 So I can practice this with this new relaxing class tomorrow. Thank you, Lesley!

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