20 MIN STRENGTH TRAINING FOR WOMEN | 2018 Workout – Full Body Workout



  1. New subbie over here in England. I really appreciate that you have warm ups and cool downs for your workouts. When looking atcworkouts before I've had to find separate videos in order to warm up and cool down.

  2. Amazing work out not to lose but to strenghten body you shud make more vids like ths??

  3. I'm going to eat after this workout, it was really really supper fantastic workout, thanks and love workout with u, love u

  4. You are so funny and motivational! Your videos are really amazing and when doing the exercises I have the feeling you actually see me haha! Keep doing this amazing job ?

  5. Your workouts are so many and so effective that I'm spoiled for choice. I love the vivacity in them. Now I'm hooked and so grateful that I've something to look forward to everyday. Kudos girl.

  6. Thank you so much for creating this channel!! It helps so much for an easy work out at home and the positive comments along the way makes me feel like I can do it! These videos make me want to get up and move around

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