2 Smartpoint Banana Bread | Healthy Breakfast Recipe | Weight Watchers Freestyle



  1. Hello… can't wait to try your recipe. However, can you tell me what size are your loaf pans? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot for the recipe… can't wait to make it for my wife is on Freestyle WW.

  2. Your owns look like regular size loaf pans but you said it’s 2 sp for a mini loaf. I have both and am wondering what you consider a mini loaf.

  3. Hi new to your channel and I love banana bread going to have to give this a try! Have you ever made these into muffins? Thanks

  4. Yum! Thank you for sharing! I make pancakes with this same recipe but I love the idea of banana bread. I am going to add sugar free chocolate chips to mine for an extra zing! Thanks again!

  5. Would have like to see the finished product, the ingredients are the same as the pancake batter.

  6. woah 2 sp?! i just started freestyle today and am really excited to start trying new recipes like this one c:

  7. These look great. I think I will be making these in the morning thank you * I love weight watchers free style. Great recipe and so easy

  8. What an easy recipe! And no flour or sugar, amazing, they were good and not too dense? I have a whole ziploc full of frozen bananas in the freezer that I need to do something with, thank you for sharing Lindsey! Have a blessed day —Stacy 😍❤

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