15 Minute Exercises: Is it ENOUGH?



  1. So in short its still good if you want strength? But if u want bigger muscles 15 mins is not enough.. right?

  2. There are other factors that play a role as well such as what were they doing when they weren’t training, what were they eating and how much rest did they get?

  3. I've been doing 15-21min workouts 5 days a week, and I have seen gains, still better than nothing. What's important is you feel the strain/pump

  4. At 60 and in really good shape, I take more time off now and a little shorter workouts (45) and feel bigger and get a bigger pump at the gym and in the morning when I get up" Then again older need more recovery time,,,,just saying" 💪😎

  5. If you want to be like the Rock then do more but if you simply want to stay healthy 20 min is enough.

  6. Bruhh… my arm training only consists of 8 reps total biceps and triceps and they only take like 12min to do, does that mean i wont be seeing maximum gains?

  7. I gained my first 8 kg of muscles in 2 months from 10-15 min workout a day every day. just importent to not take any time to rest almsot and to push urself to the limit

  8. I take 90min only back and 90only legs 😂
    And almost 3h for the chest and triceps 🤣🤣🤣

  9. So if the low-volume group gained similar strength, but gained significantly less muscle mass, that means that their muscles give them more bang for their buck—they get the benefits without the downsides of adding weight to their body.

  10. My friend did one set of deadlift sometimes and after few days from 100kg he lift 110 LOL i was wondering how and now i know why

  11. What if I can workout but when im done im not Motivated to do any homework? Any help pls guys I feel like im undergoing some weird depression where I can't focus. I used to be a 90 student who did homework so I hope someone might know what's happening

  12. Something is always better than nothing.

    But some companies claim to get their costumers fit in 20 min once a week. I think that is absolute rubbish. It shows that these companies have no knowledge or ignorance to training physiology.

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