15 Minute Dumbbell Workout. Lose weight FAST from home.



  1. I'm obsessed with your workouts, I've been trying out the 2 kettlebell workouts for the past 3 weeks and can already see the improvement in my body, thank you and hope you'll post more vids!
    ps: can you post how heavy her weights are, just asking out of curiosity:)

  2. Amazing workout! I started to workout and eat clean last year and so far ive lost 80 pounds but then i hit a plateau! So i found this workout today and im gonna start doing it 3 times a week along with cardio to try n beat this stupid plateau! Wish me luck!

  3. Great workout! I used 10lbs and 15 lbs for the floor work. Felt it for sure. You are a great instructor so glad I found you! T

  4. As a personal trainer your channel has been a great resource for class ideas. thank you!!

  5. Great workout….love that you can use your own music and all cues are on the screen. thanks for sharing!!!

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