15 Easy Workout Hairstyles



  1. Will definitely try some of these out 🙂 xxxx thank you for uploading this .. should help with my hair af dance 😂you do not want to see that

  2. This is no since, duched bun??! CMON WHOS GONNA NOTICE THE DIFFERENCE?? Who will even care🤦🏻‍♀️

  3. Not sure how lazy the lazy French braid is when you have to use more efforts to remember when you take in another strand of hair, compared to a regular no brain needed braid

  4. Does anyone else have the problem with braids and buns where random pieces of hair will stick out

  5. Ehh, not leaving any impressed feelings. Basicly showed you how to wear a braid on different locations on your head.

  6. The only problem is that she doesn’t actually play a sport so most of these would fall out like if you agree

  7. " it's really cute and easy, it also passes the head shake test."
    HAHAHA like "the head shake test" will be enough for being thrown on the ground multiple times.Other than the fact that I find that hilarious, those are nice hairstyles

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